cityscape welcome graphics photos of municipal buildings fisheye photography

Combating Mediacracy

In this post-modern age of massive media manipulation, we are all becoming subject to an irresistable tide of consumerism. In a sense, we are all becoming products as easily selectable as a package of detergent and sometimes, arguably, even more disposable.

That being said, if Bryan Faragher were a detergent, he would handle numerous house-hold tasks, work well in any situation and ultimately save you money.

Multimedia Engineercityscape welcome graphics photos of municipal buildings fisheye photography

With the face of media changing almost daily, with trends in technology springing up overnight, the age of the design specialist has past. These days, it takes more than a web designer, more than a graphic designer, more than a marketing director and thensome. You need someone who with the skills and knowledge to get the job done.

Bryan is a Rennasaince man of Media, with experience in photography, video, music, sound, graphic/web design and writing. This experience led Bryan to the field of Web Marketing, where he currently resides, managing two departments for an up and coming business.

Bryan understands the marketplace and where it is going, a place where people will use their phones to not only manage their lives but to entertain them. A place where a computer will exist in every major room and interactive entertainment is the name of the game.

It’s a world we all know is coming, and it presents challenges on the road ahead.


How do we get content on to phones?

Where do we get photographs to match our limited budget?

How do we use the rapidly changing internet to our advantage?

cityscape welcome graphics photos of municipal buildings fisheye photographyBryan not only understands these problems on the horizon, he has a wide range of experience in solving them.

Don’t Take Chances

In these fast times of high turnaround with all of the talk and less of the walk,

Bryan Faragher is someone you will want on your team, with the experience, knowledge and vision to make your media projects fly and your profits soar.



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